SZKR TIMOTIJEVIC is a family company with decades of experience in the field of stone processing, one of the oldest trades in the world. Since our landscape is reach with mines of granite and marble, first experiences were started by the stonemason’s artifacts of our ancestors, until today, where we have combined all this ancient experience with the most advanced computer technology and knowledge of today.

It is a popular saying among all nations that: “The World has become a small place” which refers that the company TIMOTIJEVI? closely with its counterparts from more than 30 countries around the world.

Our company is involved to the entire process of natural stone production, from the mining up to our satisfied client’s smiling face.

In order to achieve the top quality, all the raw material is chosen by the highest standards in terms of quality by the personnel of TIMOTIJEVI? Company.

The raw material that we import in most cases is the form of large blocks, which some of weights up to 40 tons.

When importing from other continents, each delivery of several thousand tones in overseas cargo ships is transported to several European ports, from where we transport it by rail and trucks to our warehouses.

Further processing is carried out in our factory which is located on the regional road Belgrade-Kragujevac, 10 kilometers from Arandjelovac.

Stone products coming out from our factory are divided into semi-finished and finished products.

Semi products are: polished slabs of different thickness from which further our cooperatives make tombstones with following elements.

Finished products refer to a wide range of products such as stone facade, stone floor tiles, kitchen tiles, window sills, curbs, massive reliefs, etc.

Among the products, Timotijevic Company also encounters intarsia floors (floors with ornaments) and marble carved massifs (statues, reliefs…) what we find in modern exclusive territory or religious sites.

In such projects, we can offer our customers a stone in combination with other materials such as glass, stainless steel, wood, etc. All of these is possible thanks to our WATER JET machine that is able to cut any material in table shape and CNC machine with 6 axis that can do any massif shape in stone.

With the contribution of our professional staff with a great experience and skills, we have very good communication with architects and other professionals from the world of construction.

Kompanija TIMOTIJEVIĆ je po kvalitetu, kapacitetu i količini materijala na lageru lider u istočnoj Evropi